How to Setup and Configure Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin?

Search Engine Optimization is all that most of us running after to get higher rankings in the search engine.

WordPress blogs are considered SEO optimized than the blogs built on other CMS. But still, we need to configure a lot of other things after installing WordPress to really make it SEO friendly.

We all know, plugins are the backbone of WordPress and to do anything in WordPress, we can simply make use of a corresponding task performer plugin.

Today, we are going to talk about a plugin which is all in one SEO solution for your WordPress blog or site.

This plugin is Yoast SEO.

12 Must Have Plugins For New WordPress Install

There are 47,429 plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory to choose from.

New plugins are added to the directory almost every month.

While you don’t need to install all those plugins to run a successful WordPress blog, there are a few of those that have helped us grow our blogs and will definitely help you grow yours.

The WordPress plugins listed in this article are the ones that we use ourselves, recommend and install on every WordPress site that we create.

These plugins will not only help you grow your website traffic but will also secure your website, make it faster and make your life easier.

15 Simple On-Page SEO Tips For WordPress Blogs

Are you looking for the complete on-page SEO guide for WordPress? If you are, you’re in luck! Today’s post is all about optimizing on-page SEO, especially for WordPress powered blogs.

But before we dive down into that topic, let’s take a moment to understand what on-page SEO is all about.

What is on-page SEO?

According to Moz, on-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

In simpler layman term, on-page SEO relates to optimizing the content and HTML codes on a specific page, thus increasing the chance for you to rank on Google search engine result pages.

10 WordPress Tips and Tricks Every Beginner Must Know

If you are asked to reach some destination and you are given an option to choose from two different routes – one is longer and harder while the other is a short one and very easy, which one will you choose?

Obviously, you will go with the shorter one!

The same thing also holds true when you use WordPress as your blogging platform.

There are many shortcuts, or let me say, many WordPress Tips and Tricks that can be used to make your work a lot easier!

Using certain of these shortcuts in WordPress, you can write a complete post and format it with various sub-headings and other formatting options without touching your mouse. You can do everything with your keyboard and it will be fast and very simple.

That is only one of the many WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks that will help you save a lot of time and do things more productively.

How To Install WordPress on Bluehost Hosting?

New bloggers still don’t have a clue whether to go for Blogger or Self-hosted WordPress to start a new blog.

Setting up blog on Blogger is easy, as you need just a domain name and its fairly easy to setup a site. But when it comes to freedom, you don’t get that on Blogger due to limited resources; this is the reason I recommend new bloggers to go with Self-hosted WordPress.

Many do face the challenge of setting up a Self-hosted WordPress blog, but it isn’t as hard as it looks, in fact, it’s very easy.

This is the reason I will be demonstrating how to Install WordPress on Bluehost Hosting in 4 Steps under 4 Minutes.