How To Install WordPress on Bluehost Hosting?

New bloggers still don’t have a clue whether to go for Blogger or Self-hosted WordPress to start a new blog.

Setting up blog on Blogger is easy, as you need just a domain name and its fairly easy to setup a site. But when it comes to freedom, you don’t get that on Blogger due to limited resources; this is the reason I recommend new bloggers to go with Self-hosted WordPress.

Many do face the challenge of setting up a Self-hosted WordPress blog, but it isn’t as hard as it looks, in fact, it’s very easy.

This is the reason I will be demonstrating how to Install WordPress on Bluehost Hosting in 4 Steps under 4 Minutes.


The reason I chose Bluehost is because I personally use it (for niche sites), and even recommends using Bluehost Hosting for Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs.

Don’t believe it? Check here.

If this is the first site you’re starting, or need a hosting that can handle decent traffic, data and bandwidth; going with Bluehost Shared hosting is the best package.

Sign Up for Bluehost Hosting ($6.95/month with Unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Space, Websites + 1 Free Domain)

Recently I had done Bluehost hosting review, I recommend reading it before your proceed.

No other company offers free domain with hosting other than Bluehost, so this saves your money here.

Anyways, moving on to setup your Self-hosted WordPress website on Bluehost in Four simple steps… Here we go!

I’m assuming that you’re new and don’t have an account with Bluehost.

Four Steps to Install WordPress on Bluehost

Installing Self-hosted WordPress isn’t rocket science at all. In just four minutes, you’ll be able to install WordPress on Bluehost for a brand new site.

Note: If you already own Bluehost hosting, you can directly skip to Step 4.

Step 1: Choose the Right Plan and Start!

To see Bluehost plans for Self-hosted WordPress, click this link and select the plan right for you.

Assuming you’re starting new, I’d suggest you choose ‘Plus’ plan as it allows you to host Unlimited Sites along with Unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Space and 1 Free Domain.

Choose Bluehost Hosting Plan

Choose Hosting Plan

Once you click ‘Select’, let’s move on to the next Step.

Step 2: Choosing Domain Name

Bluehost will ask you to enter a domain name.

It may happen that the domain name you’ve entered may not be available or might be a premium domain, so you may need to enter multiple times to get a good domain name that’s available.

Enter Domain Name Bluehost

Enter your Desired Domain Name

Now that you’ve entered the domain, click on ‘Next’ to move ahead.

If you have bought a domain earlier from another registrar, you can even enter that.

Moving on to the next step…

Step 3: Registering with Bluehost and Making Payments

This is by far the most boring step, as you’ll have to enter your credentials like Name, Address, ZIP Code and so on…

You may get confused when it comes over Package Information but don’t worry I’ll help you through it.

Bluehost Package Information

Package Information

Select the Account Plan, as per you requirements; it comes with a 1 Year Plan, 2 Year Plan and 3 Year Plan. I’d however recommend going with 1 Year Plan, so as to take a good experience with Bluehost without committing for a longer duration.

I also recommend ticking the ‘Domain Privacy Protection’. Other options like Site Backup Pro, SiteLock Domain Security, Search Engine Jumpstart and Google Apps for Work, you can select as per your requirements. Click on ‘More Information’ under each option to know what it is.

The later steps will be payments and logging into your cPanel, which the company will provide you via Email.

Step 4: Install WordPress on Bluehost (FINALLY!)

If you’re logged into Bluehost cPanel for the first time, you’ll see this popup.

Welcome to bluehost

Welcome Popup

You can click on ‘Install wordpress’ and continue.

If you don’t see this popup, you’ll see ‘Install WordPress’ under Websites, Click on it to Continue.

Install WordPress under Websites

Install WordPress under Websites

Later in the next page, you’ll be asked to install WordPress.

Next Bluehost will ask you to select a domain name where you’d like to install WordPress.

Select Domain For Installation

Select Domain For Installation

Choose your domain and leave the directory field ‘Empty’.

Click on ‘Check Domain’ and continue.

Now will come the Golden Minute you were waiting for.

Bluehost WordPress Installation Complete

Bluehost WordPress Installation Complete

In less than a minute, WordPress will be installed on Bluehost and you’ll be greeted with your WordPress Login URL, which will be like (, your WordPress User ID and Password.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed WordPress on Bluehost.

Things to do after you Install WordPress on Bluehost?

  1. Select the perfect theme for your blog. Genesis offers excellent and vibrant themes that works great and will be perfect for WordPress.
  2. Install must use plugins. Want to know what I use? See my Blogging Resources to get a hint of plugins and services I use with my blog. This indeed will save a lot of your time.

If you follow this guide, it won’t take you more than 4 minutes to Install WordPress on Bluehost.

You have to command Bluehost for making the procedure so real simple.

If you do have doubts, do leave a comment below.Thank You!

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